2019 Conservationist of the YearSandy Moret
2018 Conservationist of the Year
In 1981 Moret was the first president of the Everglades Protection Association, which helped end commercial harvest in Everglades National Park. More recently, he was a founder of the #NoworNeverglades Declaration, which
has gained 75,000 signatures supporting healthy flows of fresh water for the Everglades. Due in part to #NoworNeverglades, state legislators passed SB 10 mandating construction of a reservoir south of Lake
Okeechobee to store, clean, and carry fresh water to the south. Because of Moret’s active role in protecting the Everglades, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust received $5,000 toward its work in Florida estuaries and saltwater flats.


2019 Conservationist of the Year


Rich Simms
2017 Conservationist of the Year
Simms was nominated by the Wild Steelhead Coalition (WSC) for his volunteer work that resulted in catch-and-release sportfishing regulations for all wild steelhead in Washington State. Because of his efforts, WSC received $10,000 to reduce the impacts of stocked fish in rivers with wild steelhead, combat habitat loss, and remove  humanconstructed barriers to migration.

Who will be the 2019 Conservationist of the Year?
Fly Fisherman magazine is accepting nominations for the next Conservationist of the Year. If you know someone who has made outstanding efforts in protecting or enhancing local watersheds, make a nomination at flyfisherman.com/conservation or send an email to conservation@flyfisherman.com. It doesn’t matter whether that person organizes river cleanups, negotiates for improved streamflows, or campaigns against threatening industrial developments . . . we need to hear about it. That person’s outstanding volunteerism could result in a $10,000 check from Simms Fishing Products. The funds will go to the nonprofit organization selected by the Conservationist of the Year.